This site was a trading tile showroom, with ancillary offices above, located on a street corner, in the busy town of Catford. Our initial application for the demolition of the existing building and the erection of 35 flats in its place, was regrettably refused, largely on the grounds of impact on an adjoining property, but also on a few other grounds, which we felt were unreasonable.

We appealed the decision, via a Public Inquiry, and whilst it was dismissed, the decision paved the way for a, tweaked, further residential planning application, as all the other reasons for refusal were repelled, by the inspector. A new planning application, this time for 32 flats, was prepared, and submitted, to Lewisham Council, and subsequently approved. The flats were built out and delivered to an RSL, for their management.

Catford by Beaumont Property Group